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Artist Larry Lee Moniz.

Artist Larry Lee Moniz.

By Rick Polo (Editor-in-Chief)

For some, Science Fiction is more than merely science fiction. It is a way of life. The philosophies often found in most Science Fiction works often represent a strong sense of morality, diplomacy, democracy and idealism. Often times, where other artistic mediums appear to be hypocritical and/or biased, Sci-Fi has always held it’s ground, all while providing a strong sense of intellect and excitement.

From the practically Christ-like morals of The Doctor (Doctor Who) to the balance of the Force (Star Wars) and the Enterprise’s galactic mission of peace and diplomacy (Star Trek), Sci-Fi franchises, no matter how violent or futuristic, still stress the importance of good triumphing over evil. This is a facet to Science Fiction that artist Larry Lee Moniz finds both inspiring and crucially important.

“Well, I think outside the obvious escapism, I like Sci-Fi when good is conquering evil, the wrong gets set right. Sci-Fi with a message of good vs. evil,” said Moniz. “To quote Craig Ferguson, a HUGE Doctor Who fan, ‘Intelect and Romance over Brute Force and Cynicism.'”

Moniz is a San Francisco-based graphic artist and huge Sci-Fi fan. His love for the genre and its principles came from a very early age.

“I was drawing pictures of spaceships and robots since I was able to pick up a pencil!” explained Moniz.

Image by Larry Lee Moniz.

Image by Larry Lee Moniz.

He quickly turned his admiration of particular Sci-Fi works into inspiration, that have ultimately paved the way to his career.

“I got through art school essentially making every project I could about Sci-Fi!┬áStar Trek, Star Wars, Lost In Space, Mystery Science Theater 3000, I was never at a loss for material for my assignments!” Moniz said.

Through his art, Moniz proves that great appreciation can be converted into inspiration, ultimately making for intense creativity. And, as he stated, there is more than just escapism to the high fantasy genre. There is the ability to connect with others, and on very artistic fronts.

The multi-talented Moniz offers some of his most interesting works, including his original reinterpretation of the Doctor Who theme song.