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Photo courtesy of WeirdFishFotography.

Photo courtesy of WeirdFishFotography.

By Rick Polo (Editor-in-Chief)

Imagine a work of art come to life. Colors dance before your very eyes. Lights pulsate and fade to pounding tribal rhythms. The music is loud, the lights are bright. A shot of adrenaline takes hold before a chill drops down your spine. This is the feeling evoked by pure, original art, unfolding before you.

Such is the way of the Infini-Tribe.

Infini-Tribe was founded in Youngstown, Ohio in January of 2014 by a group of young women with a passion for art. However, this is not your conventional idea of art. Infini-Tribe defy the very notion of convention by taking their love for hula hooping to the next level. A mind-bending LED display, stunning dance moves and psychedelic visual art are the ways of this tribe of hoopers.

“We’re a group of girls that love hooping,” said member Katie Morris. “There is no judging whatsoever. We consider ourselves to be a tribe where we trust each other, we can help each other and we grow from each other.”

“We had the right group of girls with the same dream and that’s what started it all,” added member Erika Smegal.

Along with the spectacular visual display, the tribe indicated that this style of hooping is good for both the body and the soul.

“It’s great for your body. It’s a great workout. You’ll feel it in your abs. A great exercise and lots of fun,” explained member Delia Dow.

“Also, it’s kind of spiritual in a sense,” added Morris. “Sometimes, if a girl picks up a hoop and she just finds a good flow with it, you just kind of loose yourself in it. Me, I’m kind of shy, I don’t go in a club and dance but with my hoop I feel like I can do anything.”

They explained that hooping works akin to yoga, as both a stress reliever and bodily cleanser.

The tribe convenes once a week for a vigorous hooping session. After spending the long winter months perfecting their craft, the tribe are ready to unleash their artistic beauty on the local scene. They will be performing alongside Youngstown psychedelic dreampop outfit Sleep Projections at Cedars on Easter Sunday, April 20, and will also be performing a slew of shows with another area act, Jones For Revival.

“We’ve got about seven shows lined up with them. Jones For Revival kind of picked us up. They saw our group and messaged us, asking us to perform along with them,” said member Callie Reda.

As for what’s next, the tribe members were very clear and what they want.

“World peace. Then world domination,” joked Smegal.

Below are samples of Infini-Tribe’s visual art, including stills courtesy of Weird Fish Photography as well as a video demonstration.