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By Frank Myers (Opinion Nation)

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Artist: Masked Intruder

Album: M.I.

Release Date: 5/27/14

Rating: 8/10

Back in 2012, our hearts and attention were stolen by a group of four guys who had just gotten out of prison. Whether released on good behavior or a successful escape is still unsure! The guys I am talking about are Masked Intruder if you were unaware. Having broken out and stolen our hearts and attention already, they have returned to do it again with their newest album, M.I.

After their self titled first release, most if not all of their fans questioned their ability to be able to keep up with the amazing things they pulled off. The first album was full of witty lyrics, awesome guitar, bass, and drum tracks, and the harmonizing was just impeccable. Even I myself was very doubtful that they could ever put something else out worth listening to after coming on so strong with their debut release.

Well, about a week ago, M.I. was released and it was time for the fans to see if their doubts were valid. After hearing the first single “Most Beautiful Girl,” I will admit I was becoming less enthused and less hopeful on the outcome of what I was going to hear. After sitting and listening to the new album three times straight when I got it, I was disappointed, but only in myself and the fact that I wasn’t expecting anything great. Masked Intruder somehow was able to put together a follow up album that was actually almost as good as the piece of gold they have us back in 2012. I will not say it is as good, but it is damn close and I have listened to over 12 times within a week! If you are a fan of the first album and putting off listening to the new one for fear of disappointment,

I will tell you to go into listening to it with that attitude because on first listen you will be mad at yourself for doubting them. I know I was. If you have never heard them before, you definitely have to give these guys a listen, they are a great shot of originality and fun in the vein of punk rock today!! So, get online and buy yourself a copy of M.I. You won’t regret it.


By Frank Myers (Opinion Nation)

Another month in the books and a few of the shows that rocked my May to tell you about. So, I caught a few shows this past month, not quite as many as I’d of like to have made it out to, but the ones I did see I am very glad I caught. The music scene is pushing right along and taking no prisoners on it’s path . I am glad to see so many of the local bands putting in so much effort and time to keep the scene moving forward. A huge shoutout as well to all the touring bands that grace our stages throughout the year, greatly appreciated.

So, I kicked my month of music off one hell of a rock and roll party people!!! May started for me with The Spastic Hearts, The Idle Shades, and Voice of Addiction from Chicago. This show was a masterpiece of rock at its finest. The bands all pulled in a great turn out and Cedars provided the perfect venue for the show. The sound was on the money, the beers were cold and so was the bottle of Champagne I drank. The Turbo Lovers were billed to play but due to last minute circumstances were forced to back out, and they were missed on stage, but the Idle Shades stepped up and did their thing.

Big thank you to those guys, always willing to step up and lend a helping bass riff, drum beat, and kick ass song when needed. Voice of Addiction had an amazing set as well and had the crowd enjoying themselves. Also, a great group of guys off stage as well, would love to see them back in Youngstown in the future.

Then the Spastic Hearts owned the crowd and the stage as always, drawing everyone in with eyes I tell you!! But, seriously the music definitely speaks for itself with that band.

Cedars strikes yet again in May with another great show for everybody. This time it was Baroque Monody, Harnessing the Sun, and Pilot the Mind. Another great crowd, and just an all around good time. Harnessing the Sun started things off and rocked the stage with their own brand of rock and roll. Always looking so intent on mastering their set, while at the same time just having a great time up their performing for the fans. They were great as always.

Then Pilot the Mind played and drew a nice size crowd. The gave their version of a rock show and killed it. Keeping the momentum that Harnessing The Sun started going throughout their set.

Last that night was Baroque Monody, who just keeps getting better with every set. They played their hearts out and showed no problem taking the crowd for a journey with lyrics that give the feeling of personal situations and struggles in life. It is dark but at the same time just helps take your mind on a great rock and roll rollercoaster. The set was great, the whole night was amazing.

Chippers jumped into the ring with a great show of their own, featuring Deaf Eyes, New Diaries, Amnesty for Astronauts, Baroque Monody, and Token. I caught Deaf Eyes from about the middle to end of their set and thought they were pretty good. Didn’t get enough of it to give it a fair review unfortunately. Hopefully catch them in the near future though. Next up was New Diaries, whom did not exactly appeal to my taste in music. They did have a nice crowd of fans who were very much into what they were doing. They put on a strong set and stayed pretty steady in their style and performance. Kudos to them on that!! Keep up the hard work. Then Baroque Monody took stage. They did not let minor sound issues prevent them from giving 100% and doing what they needed to do to keep the crowd into the music.

Next was Amnesty for Astronauts, who bring an energy all their own to the stage and have a very care free, lets have a good time attitude. They too experienced some technical difficulties with the sound, but they kept the momentum, belting out the lyrics and keeping the energy thriving in that bar!! Unfortunately do to a prior engagement I did not get to catch any of Token’s set, I hope to also catch them very soon at another show.

All in all, despite the police presence on the roads due to it being a holiday weekend and the heat in the bar the crowd showed up and the bands rocked! The end of May I caught a bit of the Guilty Pleasures set at the boxcar lounge. My first time in the Boxcar Lounge located at the B&O station, nice little place I must say. The Guilty Pleasures were very entertaining as always and the crowd was into it. Never a bad night with these guys and gal playing. Definitely have to check them out some time. Well, just like May this is the end of this months recap. Hope you all enjoy and I hope to see you all out at future shows supporting the local scene !! Bands and venues included.