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Model/Actress Colleen Hagerty, AKA Miss Kittee, on set of her upcoming film, Muck: The Feast of St. Patrick.

Model/Actress Colleen Hagerty, AKA Miss Kittee, on set of her upcoming film, Muck: The Feast of St. Patrick.

By Rick Polo (Editor-in-Chief)

2015 has certainly been a busy year for model and upcoming actress Colleen Hagerty. The young starlet has not only landed roles in two feature horror films, but her modeling talents have been published in several major publications including a long-running stint in the Horror/Erotica magazine, GOREgous Girls. She has visited the Playboy mansion, performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos and has appeared at a number of horror cons.

Hagerty, whose modeling alias in Miss Kittee, is looking to take her career to the next level. The Raw Alternative recently sat down with Miss Kittee to discuss showbiz, breaking out of a small town and all things horror!

THE RAW ALTERNATIVE: Tell us a little about yourself: How long have you been modeling/acting?

MISS KITTEE: I’ve been modeling for a little over two years now and I actually just got into acting maybe eight months ago.

RA: How about some of the films you’ve been featured in previously?

MK: I’ve done a lot of background work in some Indie films mostly in the Cleveland area. One of them is called Contract: Redemption, and it’s based off of the Hitman games. I would say about five months ago I decided to start going for speaking roles and I’ve actually been nailing the auditions.

RA: Tell us about your current film: What is it? Who will you be playing? Who’s directing?

MK: I’m currently involved in two, possibly three films, right now. One of them is called Muck: The Feast of St. Patrick. It’s a horror film and right now I don’t know my character’s name for it. The director of that one is Steve Wolsh. The second film is currently being called The Director’s Cut, until he decides on a more fitting name. It is also a horror film and my character for this one is named Raven. The director of if is Col. Richard Hunter. Then there is the third film that I just recently auditioned for and am waiting to hear back about. It’s called Gretchen’s Lock and its a horror film based off of Gretchen’s Lock out in Salem, Ohio. I auditioned to be Esther Hale, but they also had me read for two other characters, Amy and Jenn. This one is also a horror film and is being directed by Josh Menning.


RA: How did you get involved with these projects?

MK: The first and third film I got involved with because of my one modeling group, GOREgous Girls. My photographer Eric “eRock” Littlefield was promoting the Muck movie and I asked if he could talk to the director about me and see if I could get even just a walk on role, and then it turned into going to the PlayBoy Mansion with him, meeting the director, and getting a bigger part. For The Lock film, one of the models found it and sent the link to eRock to post of all the models to see and I submitted and landed and audition for it. The Director’s Cut movie the director actually found me on Facebook though my modeling things and asked me to audition and that got me the role of Raven, a victim, for his film.

RA: You’ve had a very success career model thus far. Tell us a little about that world. Did your modeling work lead to your acting work?

MK: My modeling definitely did lead to my acting. If it wasn’t for my modeling I would have never gotten into GOREgous Girls or worked with other photographers and I probably never would have gotten half the opportunities that I have now. Modeling can be pretty crazy. You use a lot of muscles you didn’t think you would and sometimes you have to stand in the most uncomfortable position for what feels like forever, but in the end its honestly so worth it. I love every minute of it and wouldn’t trade it, or the people I’ve met, for the world.

RA: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

MK: The amazing people I’ve met and the crazy things I’ve gotten to do. I got to go to the PlayBoy Mansion with eRock and Jessy, who is our MUA (she does our crazy blood and makeup and our hair). I got to go to Vegas, I’m going to be going to Cape Cod for filming in early October. Jessy and her family have become like a second family to me. Along with the GOREgous Girls group in general. We are like one big family and I love that so much.

RA: What are some of your favorite horror movies, or favorite types of horror movies?

MK: It would have to be the oldies like Halloween and Friday the 13th. I really like the campy horror films too though. They aren’t scary, but still fun to watch, like Sharknado or Zombeaver.

Miss Kittee on the set of the music video for "Loose Cannon" by Restriktid.

Miss Kittee on the set of the music video for “Loose Cannon” by Restriktid.

RA: You recently starred in a music video. Tell us a little bit about that. Did you volunteer or were you asked to take part?

MK: The music video was awesome! It was for this Horrorcore/Muder Rap artist, Restriktid, from the Toledo area. I actually met him a few month prior at The Gathering of the Juggalos where I was at with my GOREgous Girls modeling group. Restriktid’s wife actually got a hold of eRock and asked him to ask his girls to get bloodied up and play victims or bodies in his new music video for his song “Loose Cannon.” That was a blast. I got to get prettied up and then bloodied up to jump around in a grave, a cage, even a well like area, just crazy things like that.

RA: What’s next for you? Is this the humble beginnings of a bright career?

MK: I truly am hoping this is a beginning to an awesome career! A lot of the people I’ve been in contact with are really interested in working more with me and some of the other girls. I’m just going to keep trying my best with my modeling and my now acting careers and see how far they can take me.

Hagerty has been featured in every issue of GOREgous Girls magazine since its inception. You can check out here appearance in “Loose Cannon” by Restriktid here, as well as some exclusive stills from the video shoot and more by clicking the links below.

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Original artwork by Craig Latchaw.

Original artwork by Craig Latchaw.

By Rick Polo (Editor-in-Chief)

It’s no surprise that Youngstown cartoonist Craig Latchaw has entered that line of work, but perhaps destiny. From an early age, he knew his love for art, cartoons and characters was something more than a mere interest, but a driving force. His early fascination with horror icons Jason and Michael Myers, as well as James Cameron’s prolific Sci-Fi saga, The Terminator, quickly turned to passion as he began his own sketches of the characters.

“My teachers thought I was insane, since those drawings had knives and blood. My inspirations besides the movies themselves would be my dad. He would draw funny cartoons at work and bring them home to show us and my mom and she’d hang his art on the fridge,” said Latchaw.

As Latchaw entered his teenage years, he inevitably fell in love with comic books, and began to take his love of art in that direction.

“As I got older I started reading comic books, Batman and Superman mostly and I would draw those characters. I did that all the way up till college where I learned painting, graphic design, sculpture even film making. But nothing has stuck with me to this day then drawing funny comic strips and I do it to this day,” said Latchaw.

After high school, he knew there was only one career path he can even fathom taking; Art.

“I realized pretty early on that I’d rather be homeless doing nothing then doing any other career that didn’t have to do with art. I was going to be an artist or die,” said Latchaw.


An original comic strip written and illustrated by Craig Latchaw.

As Latchaw began homing his craft, his inspiration began to shift to a more introspective angle. Much like that of comic cartoonists Jeffery Brown and Julia Wertz, his art and comics reflected the mundane humor of his daily life.

“The thing that inspires my art now is my own screwed up, mostly boring life. I’ll draw anything from my anxieties to just simply sitting at a table drinking tea, there are no limits. And I do this in an autobiographical comic strip,” said Latchaw.

Currently, he is working own two of his own comics based off of his own major life experiences.

“Today I am working on a couple comics, one about my time in Alaska as a security alarm door to door salesman, and how hard it was leaving my recently married wife all the way here in Youngstown. The other comic is a mix of all my random silliness and mundane of everyday life as seen through my eyes,” said Latchaw.

He is also lending his artistic hand to fellow comic writers, including his up-and-coming brother, who is following in his footsteps.

“I am also helping my younger brother publish his comics, called the Ed shows, it’s Simpsons meets the mad rants of a schizophrenic, and I am also inking a friends comic, a pretty famous local artist name Bruce Stepan, his comic is about the whoas of awkward adolescent promiscuity, alien invasions, drug and alcohol abuse, rape and murder,” said Latchaw.

As for the future, Latchaw is looking to collaborate  with more comic writer as well as to continue his own work.

“The next projects I will be working on is a collaboration artwork book with a friend and a series of collab paintings. And of course a couple more of my comic books,” finished Latchaw.