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By Rick Polo (Editor-in-Chief)


Artist: Fuzz

Album: Fuzz

Release Date: 10/1/13

Rating: 4.4/5

Accomplished Noise Rock veteran Ty Segall is known for his prolific songwriting and lust for loudness. This point is proven throughout his extensive work with the Ty Segall Band and White Fence. Nothing changes as he now steps behind the drum kit for his new trio, Fuzz.

Fuzz is pure and unabashed Stoner Rock inspired by the likes of early 70’s hard rockers Hawkwind and T-Rex, dragged through a wall of fuzzed out amplifiers. Instead of love songs or political rousers, Fuzz tackles lyrical themes of death and murder through a very poetic lense.

Guitarist Charles Moothart and bassist Roland Cosio create an obliterating wall of sound that’s coupled with some raw production, giving the tracks a warm sounding power not heard on many modern releases. And with Segall pulling double duty as drummer and frontman on the group’s self-titled debut, his signature charm shines throughout the record.

Kicking off with the powerful “Earthen Gate,” the opening track features a wall of meaty guitars. From there, the sludgy “Sleigh Ride” and the trippy “What’s In My Head?” give a fresh twist on vintage fuzz-driven heavy Rock and Roll. That album’s midway shining point comes with the epic fourth track, “Hazemaze,” an orgy of noise-heavy guitars and Black Sabbath-era Ozzy vocals.

“Loose Sutures” features some unique and applaud-worthy fretwork from Moothart over a slamming groove set by Cosio and on “Preacher,” Segall channels his inner Johnny Rotten for a Sex Pistols-meets-Sabbath bombast of Punk Rock fury. Finally, Fuzz concludes with the cynical “Raise” and epic climax of “One.”

For vintage heavy rock or neo-Stoner Rock done right, look no further than Fuzz. The band and the album showcases little versatility, but instead proves to be a balls-to-the-wall powerhouse of a record. Fuzz relies heavily on its power, but the solid musicianship makes it a worth while endeavor. All in all, Fuzz is the perfect record to play whizzing down the highway or taking part in various recreational activities. However, listen responsibly, and do not engage in both action at the same time.